Can I use Discourse for my pagebuilder app which create arbitrary urls each time

I run a site called inteldrop. This app allows users to create a permanent page and then assigns the page with a url that we do not decide. Each url is an address, and here’s 2 examples:

(I would post link but the system says that i am not allowed, so remove brackets please)


Second link


Both pages are built from same app, but completely random and different url.

Each page will need a comment section, and I am wondering if I can create arbitrary discussions or if the discussion must be tied to a specific url which is how all of the other comment plugins work.

Thank you in advance for your help!

There is a plugin which seems like what you are describing…

You could use page publishing or permalinks to do something like that.

Is something that you control? Are you looking for a plugin that would do something like that? Does areweave somehow do a redirect or a proxy?