Can I use secure media and page publishing simultaneously in Discourse?

After enabling secure media, I saw this:
“Page publishing cannot be enabled if secure media is enabled.” (when I tried to turn on page publishing in admin settings)

I currently need to use page publishing, so was surprised to see that secure media and page publishing seem to be incompatible.

This presents me with a dilemma:

  1. I want to be sure that links to file uploads in private categories are never indexed by search engines (and it seems that secure media is required for this), and also
  2. I want to use page publishing.

Is there a solution?

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Nothing is required for that. If the category is private search engines can’t see them. Secure uploads ensures that even with the link to the upload, someone cannot access the files.


Thanks. Yes I’ll have to consider if there are any other ways that a file upload could be picked up by search engines.

But is there a way to do secure media uploads while also having page publishing?