Can I use shared drafts with the API?

Is this feature accessible via the API?
I tried creating a new topic in the category I selected for Shared Drafts, but it created a regular posting, not a shared draft.
Does the API support shared drafts?

Anything that can be done via the UX can be done via the API. That said, I don’t believe we have this documented. You’ll need to follow this guide to figure out how to make the correct API calls.

This is expected, the shared drafts category is still a normal category, normal topics can be created there. You need to change the type of content you’re creating - a shared draft, not a new topic.


Understood. I will follow the guide to figure out the magic incantation and share my results. To be continued …

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To create a shared draft, you need to do a POST request to /posts.json with a payload such as:

    "raw": "Shared draft content",
    "title": "Shared draft title",
    "category": 31,
    "archetype": "regular",
    "shared_draft": true,
    "draft_key": "new_topic"

The category must be listed in the shared drafts category site setting.