Changing a shared draft topic's category shouldn't be allowed

Editing a shared draft’s current category changes the destination category instead

Edit: instead of fixing this, we should disable category change for a shared draft, as this feature only accepts one category. See the message below: Changing a shared draft topic's category shouldn't be allowed - #2 by JammyDodger

Repro steps:

  1. The topic is in the #general category. The draft destination is set to #gaming.

  2. I edit the topic’s category (from the :pencil2: icon) from #general to #general #workbench.

  3. Instead, the destination category changes from #gaming to #general #workbench, while the topic’s category remains #general.

The expected behavior is that the destination category stays #gaming and the topic is moved from #general to #general #workbench.

The only way I found to change the category is doing it from the topic list:

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But you can only have Shared Drafts in the category you set in shared drafts category? You won’t be able to move a shared draft topic between categories, you would need to publish it first.

I think the bug here seems to be that Bulk Actions lets you do something that shouldn’t be intended.

Giving this a quick run-through on my test site, the Shared Draft I moved using the Bulk Action tools is now visible in the topic list for everyone, but inaccessible to a test user who doesn’t meet the shared drafts min trust level requirement.