Can I use the managed version of Discourse but edit the source code?

I wanted to ask if I could use and pay for the hosting services that Discourse provides, but deploy my own code to it or supply a path to a Docker image to replace the site’s base image.

I want to do it over the original Discourse source code of course, but with a few changes that I would make

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No, this is not supported.

With the hosted version you have full access to theme components, the usual HTML/CSS/etc. overrides, and a limited set of plugins but you cannot change the source yourself.


You almost certainly don’t want to do that anyway. Many customizations you can make with theme components. So, in a sense you can “deploy your own code”.

If you do need changes that require a plugin then you can switch to an enterprise plan, self host (perhaps with help with installation and management).


I understand, thank you very much!

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