Can I verify my website on 2 different email services?

Can I verify my site on 2 different websites like mailgun, zoho?
I just want to have a custom e-mail ( and use another one for things like email confirmation for the forum.


Yes, but this isn’t an issue.

You should be using a subdomain for email from your community, and reserving your root domain for custom emails.

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How can I do that? and what does “reserving your root domain for custom emails.” mean?

Configure your Zoho install to use while mailgun is configured to relay email from or similar.

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I changed from mailgun to 'Pepipost and it’s working fine. Should I verify/link my site to zoho?

Could you explain what you mean by this?

Which domain does your Discourse installation currently use to send email? Are you sending messages from Discourse using the root domain (

It uses pepihost, and yes I set up the SMTP credentials.

There is no support for multiple simultaneous SMTP servers, and I’m not sure I really understand what you are requesting here?

I want a custom e-mail ( but my mail service (pepipost) doesn’t support that. So i’m asking if I can use pepipost and Zoho at the same time.

No, you cannot. That is not supported.

As I said above two days ago, you need to use a subdomain to send and receive email from your Discourse install. They can’t both relay email from the root domain.


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