Can Mail Receiver be configured for 2 distinct mail domain?


We are using the mail receiver for incoming mails.

Let 'say our server domain = domain1
Mail receiver is configured to manage emails sent to

Is it possible to configure the same mail receiver to manage as well mails addresses from another domain (domain2), so mails sent to are received as well on same discourse server?


Is it possible at least to know if this is feasible to manage 2 email addresses with one mail-receiver container?


Maybe @mpalmer would know?

Not trivially, although of course since you have full access to the Postfix configuration, you can make it do whatever you like if you fiddle enough. My recommendation is to have the domain2 e-mails handled by a general-purpose MTA that forwards the e-mails to domain1.


Thanks Matt :slightly_smiling_face:

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