Can post-voting replies be split and merged?

Is it possible to select a specific post and related replies, and move them to a new and plain (non-voting) topic? Just like you can select posts from a topic and spin-off a new topic with them.

The use case is a topic like i.e. “What should we do next?” where people can propose, vote, and comment on new proposals. Then from time to time the maintainers pick one proposal (i.e. the most voted) and agree to work on it, creating a new topic with the selected posts to start the work. If the most voted proposal has been spun off, then the next most voted is now at the top.

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I’ve just given it a go and it seemed to work okay. The comments don’t come with them, and the small post action is suppressed in the original post-voting topic, but it does convert them into regular posts on move - and then displays them as post-voting replies again when moved back (though the comments don’t come back).

It’s an interesting idea though. :slight_smile: Let me know if you want me to try anything else. :+1: