How to move posts to a new topic?

(Justin Dennis) #1

Hi -

We’re coming to Discourse from the vBulletin world. One feature I’m accustomed to that I cannot find in Discourse is a “move reply to new thread” feature for admins and moderators.

Does this exist in Discourse, and if so, where?

Thanks for your time and help.


(cpradio) #2

Navigate to the Topic
Click the Wrench Icon (top right)
Click Select Posts
Click select on the post you want to move
Click Move to New Topic

Select post "post + replies" - most replies are not technically replies
(Jeff Atwood) #3

You can also initiate via the wrench button at the bottom of the topic, too, if you happen to be near the bottom.

(Justin Dennis) #4

Thank you both. That was easy. -Justin

(se oli tonnin seteli) #5

came here hoping this topic was exactly about this and will leave satisfied… :triumph:

(Tobias Eigen) #6

huh - I never noticed that second (third!) wrench on the bottom left corner.

Provide topic wrench actions on post wrench menu
(Lena) #7

that was exactly the information that i was looking for. thank you :slightly_smiling:

(Adam C. Engst) #9

It would be nice if you could initiate a move from the wrench directly associated with the post.


Much easier than running through the Select Posts approach.

(Christoph) #10

I’ve also been thinking that, but the problem is, you can’t get rid of the select-posts-and-then-move way of doing it because you need it for moving multiple posts. So if you add a “move this post” item to the individual post menu, you will probably have people wonder “but how can I move multiple posts?”. At least that’s how I tried to make sense of why it isn’t there…