Can remove some messages, some not?

A user in my forum asked me a question and I don’t know the answer, so I’m asking here:

Why can the user remove some of their messages and some not?

The user gave me examples of both, and I checked. It was true. I think the difference was this: The user could remove posts in a locked topic, but not in an open topic.

They can’t remove topics, only normal replies. So if it is the first post, they can’t.

Both of the posts the user could/could not remove were replies (posts), not original topic posts.

Edit: oh, and there was also different category with slightly different security rules:

category 1: everyone can see, tl0 read/write/reply, user could remove in locked thread
category 2: everyone can see, tl1 read/write/reply, user could not remove in locked thread

An archived topic prevents all actions. Other than that, and the first post, I can’t think of any reason.

Another thing to check is the post edit time limit, as I believe the user has to be in that window of time for them to be able to delete the post.


This was the solution! I didn’t know that setting existed and affected editing and/or removing posts.

Oh was this a very old message? Worth mentioning :wink:

The default is 3 months, I believe.

I realised it after @cpradio’s message.

I think default is 60 days.

Yes, it is post edit time limit which is 86400 or 60 x 24 x 60 … so you’re correct, 60 days.