Quoting a reply in the OP will appear as another reply


If you embed a reply quote to the original post, the reply that was quoted will show a “1 reply” or something similar. When the replies box is opened, it will contain the OP.

This is a bit misleading but nevertheless not a huge issue. However, it’s better if this doesn’t exist.

This is an example reply to demonstrate the issue.

This is how Discourse has always worked, and it is correct. There is currently one quoted reply to the first post. I am unclear what it is you are reporting here?


Sorry for being unclear, I’ll help with that :slight_smile:

The reply I made to this post is quoted in the OP, making the reply appear as if it has been replied to.

I put this in features because it feels misplaced to have that, and in my opinion, would rather have it not show as a reply if quoted in the post.