Can staff see who voters in anonymous polls?

Hey there! Got a question.
Is there any way staff can “check” votes in anonymous polls together with voters? In example, staff see all votes in a hashed view, voter knows his own hash number, voter tells his hash number to staff and staff proves that this hash number assosiates with the specific variant and the specific vote? If yes, where voter can see his hash number?

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“Anonymous” polls don’t really exist. Polls either show who voted, or they don’t. But admins can export the poll results (including voters) from the DB regardless - we even have a built-in query if you have the Discourse Data Explorer plugin installed.

Thanks! So if I make poll with

type=regular results=on_close chartType=bar

(without public=true), admins can see results by name?
I mean see that in example Mike voted for cat and Ellie voted for dog?

With the data explorer plugin, yes. See Poll: Export poll results in CSV for quiz creator? - #7 by Falco

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