Can’t find CSS/HTML on Graceful theme


I’ve installed the great Graceful theme. On the inactive main theme, I see a Custom CSS/HTML section below the included components section.

However, with the active, Graceful theme, I do not see a custom CSS/HTML section.

Would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

Thank you!

Yes, that is because the theme you installed comes from a Git repository and we no longer allow eediting CSS/HTML on themes from git repos (or remote themes).

What you can do is create a new, empty theme component, add it to Graceful, and then make the CSS/HTML changes there.

Steps: in the theme overview click Install, then + Create New, give it a name then change type to Component, then click Create. In the next screen, add Graceful to the Include component on these themes setting, click :white_check_mark: and then the CSS you add to this new component will apply for users using the Graceful theme.


Thank you very much for the detailed instructions. It worked! :ok_hand:

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