I can't find certain CSS in the CSS/HTML customizer

I’m completely new to Discourse and so bare with me… I’m using a free theme called Graceful and I’m trying to change a few things like my category description color among other things.

However, when I use the CSS/HTML customizer in the admin panel I can’t find the specific code I want to edit. I normally would just use inspect element and lookup the values in the CSS editor but I can’t seem to find some things, anywhere.

Could I please get some tips/insight on how to proceed with editing my theme if I can’t find some of the CSS in the admin CSS/HTML editor? Thanks all!

I can’t make any replies for 21 hours because of my trust level! I’ll respond as soon as I can

Only a portion of the CSS is used in the theme, usually what needs to be redefined. The main part of css is in the Discourse, but you can also override their properties by simply adding them to the editor.

If you specifically specify which css / html element you want to override, then we are more likely to be able to help you.


Search for "theme #howto*