Can´t save profile picture

Hey guys,

I can´t save my profile picture anymore. We´re storing our files @ AWS (S3) and the normal picture upload works (in posts).
But when I try to upload a custom picture (users are allowed to do that) it first shows the uploaded picture in the little preview


But when I want to save it´s gone. In fact i had one there for one year now, and now it can´t be found anymore in s3

What could be wrong here ?

thanks and cheers,


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Just found that in error logs:

Could not find file in the store located at url: //

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Nobody ?

Isn´t it strange, that normal uploads work (like pictures in posts and the like), but profile pictures not ?

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Why would it be looking for the file in "-censored- "? :thinking:
What is the path where the custom profile photos that do work? Is it different?
Are other users having the same problem or is it limited to just you?

Until you can get it sorted, you can try this work around and see if it holds.
Upload your custom photo to a post and save the post.
Right-click and save the photo to your computer.
Upload the photo from your PC to your profile and save.

It may have something to do with where you’re uploading your custom photo from that’s causing it not to be saved in your profile. Just a thought.




was just a way to hide the exact name of my s3 bucket :slight_smile:


Sorry! :man_facepalming: I should have realized that. :roll_eyes:
Still the question remains… can you upload your photo from a different source, save it and will it stick? And is this happening to other users as well?

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Hi there,

I have this error

Could not find file in the store located at url: \\

But when I go here (in my company network):

it works

So is there maybe a problem with the url that is being created for the presentation layer ?

Found also similiar other posts about that:



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Still having this issue and found this

which mention also the thing, I found now in my logs:

MaxMindDB (/var/www/discourse/vendor/data/GeoLite2-ASN.mmdb) could not be found: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - /var/www/discourse/vendor/data/GeoLite2-ASN.mmdb

The bad thing in this thread: No solution :frowning:

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