Can the built-in “admins” group be renamed? If so, how?

The topic summary says it all!

No. The term admin is used all over in the back end of discourse. The best you can do is make a theme component to change the name on the front end.

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I wouldn’t recommend it.

What problem is this going to solve? There may be a different way to solve it.


Looking to have a group named “Steering Committee” which is my grassroots group’s leadership, that are also “admins”.

Maintaining two groups seems less than ideal.

Just make a group called that. Those people almost certainly do not need to be admins. It will be much less work to do make a group for those people than to explain to anyone that you have renamed admins.


Does your leadership really need the ability to download database backups, or inspect the personal messages of other users?

Will they ever need to change an API key, or configure an SSO endpoint?


Broadly speaking: yes. I’m one of that leadership & I shouldn’t be a bottleneck to running the site if I’m unavailable.

Said another way: there’s 3 steering committee folks, and I’m one of them.

It seems a separate group is the only way to go though.

Thanks folks!

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