Is it recommended to change Discobot and System username?

I need your help, sometimes it seems silly, but I’m just starting here, I would like to know if there might be any problems if I use the admin login and access representing the “system” and “discobot” accounts and change the name from them to someone else I choose

Hello :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have an issue changing Discobot’s username. But something in the back of my mind tells me changing @system username isn’t a good idea. You’d be better off creating a new user or checking out this plugin


It should be ok to rename system. The biggest issue, I think, is if someone unfamiliar with your setup comes to help, they may wonder where the system user is.

Well-written plugins will refer to system by a global variable, and not the name, so unless you use something unofficial, you should be in good shape.

I think I wouldn’t rename trust levels or the staff group, but system and Discobot should be safe.


I don’t want to use the “system” and “discobot” accounts, I entered them just to change the name, because I wanted something personalized according to my community, just that after changing the name I will leave them working autonomously and automatically I will no longer log in to them representing them through the admin panel, I also didn’t change any trust level or revoke anything, just the name but now I’m afraid of causing any problems in the future…

I tested it and it really works, the “system” account that is created automatically worked with the name name and the “discobot” account also responded to automatic notifications with its new name apparently without problems, but in an environment with several users are afraid of having problems

I’m afraid a rename to @system doesn’t stick. It will change back from its custom name to @system the next time you update your site.


I understand, there is no problem with it returning to its previous name, my only fear is that the function of these two accounts stops or gives an error, in relation to the update, are you referring to the update that happened through the community panel itself? Or does it refer to rebuilding the app?

I tried to go back to the previous name, but when I put system it says it is a reserved name, it doesn’t work even though it is the original “system” account

‘system’ is one of the default reserved usernames. To swop back manually you’d need to temporarily remove it from that setting, rename, and then reset the setting again.

I believe both UI upgrades and CLI rebuilds will reset the system user name each time.


Thank you very much to you and everyone who responded

Oops. Sounds like I have to bad advice! Sorry about that.

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If it’s a bad idea to rename system then that should be enforced.

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I do have an open ticket on this :slight_smile: There is some discussion of allowing @system to be renamed instead as a possible alternative to enforcing it not being changed. I think either could work as we’re in a bit of a limbo state currently, but it has yet to be prioritised.


Not sure about changing Discobot to another staff user; but you can rename.

The System Account you can use this setting under ‘Setting\Required’

This is used here in Meta to have System automatic messages come from @JammyDodger

I tried to use this configuration but it didn’t work, I did the test and the name continued to appear system,

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