Can I change the "Staff" Group Name?

I need to update the settings in my active community so that all usernames are a minimum of 6 characters. We are updating all <6 character names manually, however, the ‘Staff’ group name is less than 6, and I’m not sure if it can be updated?

The warning in the admin states that if group names exist that are less than the min, our site will break, which is not what I want obviously:

“WARNING: if any existing users or groups have names shorter than this, your site will break!”

Can anyone help me here?

Thanks in advance!



Looks like you’ll need to change it at the rails console. Something like

s=Group.find_by(name: "staff")"long-staff-name"

This is untested, but should work. Make a backup before you do it.

This is a really bad idea. My recommendation would be to decide that it’s not so bad to force people to use 5 character names are sufficient.


Nope, you will run into issues in so many ways.

2.6.0 :004 > Group.find(3).name
 => "long-staff-name" 
2.6.0 :005 > Group.refresh_automatic_groups!()
 => [:everyone, :admins, :moderators, :staff, :trust_level_0, :trust_level_1, :trust_level_2, :trust_level_3, :trust_level_4]
2.6.0 :006 > Group.find(3).name
 => "staff"
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Yeah. When I saw this I was surprised I’d even offered an answer at all.

So perhaps only this part of my answer was useful!


Might be wise to have that code snippet nuked. We don’t want someone trying it before not scrolling down far enough to realize how bad an idea it is.

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