Can the order of the comment dates on a post be flipped?

I notice that the comments on posts are listed oldest to newest.

That causes the user to have to scroll down (or drag the comment bar) down to the bottom.

Is there a setting that will post the most recent comment at the top?


Bonus question: Anyone know the reasoning having the most recent comment at the bottom?


It follows the flow of the conversation. What is said first is followed by replies to it… just like in a real world conversation.


If the user has read the posts then they will be returned to the first unread post. It will be very hard to change that.

Would you think it better to enter a sodium /discussion having not listened to anything anyone had said?


It helps if you think that Discourse isn’t a comment system, but a discussion system.

So it’s not about drive by comments to a page, where having the more recent ones could be desirable, but about linear discussions about a theme (the topic OP).


Thank you @Falco for the reframe. That helps out a lot. :+1:


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