Can the 'site contact username' be the name of the discobot?

Sorry, didn’t find an easy way to test this.

Why would that be possible? That’s not a valid contact.

I thought it’s just the entity sending out automatic messages, so that there’s no reason for it to be a real person.


I guess you can try it and see what happens? It is true that setting is for automated messages, so I guess that makes sense.

Will try, thanks! Would be nice to have the bot here.

But if a user reply to the message you will never know. As example it often happens to me that they respond even with a like, or that they write a few sentences if the messages “new user of the month” or “Thanks for spending time with us” arrive.

Given that they are messages that are intended to entice new users to actively participate in site activities, it is good practice to reply back with a like or a phrase. Users are always pleased to receive a direct response from a site administrator.


Very good points, thanks for the insights!