Can users create private groups and invite other members to join?

Hi All,

I checked out couple of topics and have some say only admins can create while others suggest a way to make it possible. Also couple of these posts are pretty old so thought of reposting this question.

My requirement is for any user to be able create private groups and invite their friends (existing or new) to join this group. This group shouldn’t be visible to only the users in this group.

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Only admins can create groups



Users may utilise the function of messaging. The user who started the message can add or remove members at will.


Okay. Is it possible for us to create these groups via APIs then for the users ?

Yes you can create groups via the API. You will have to use an API key that is tied to a user with admin privileges though.


can you explain, how you are going to make groups using api? which api will you be using?

You can use the /admin/groups endpoint. You can also use the discourse_api gem if you are using ruby to make the api requests.

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