How to let users create groups?

without assigning them an admin or mod role?

Tried digging through settings and didn’t see an option.

It’s not possible. Groups are used mostly to control access to categories. What is your use case?

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groups can determine user flairs as you know
Users want to determine flairs, maybe there’s another way to let them do this

also people are just used to vbulletin like sites where being part of a group is just a fun way to be a ‘member’ of something, even if they don’t post in it

But I think the flair thing is the main reason

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You want folks to create their own flair? Very brave. :sunglasses:

If it’s just for one user, couldn’t they just put the flair on their avatar? Do you want to risk that someone would make a group that had the same flair as staff?

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