Can users hide Categories from the Categories list?

I’m seeing several questions about hiding categories, but it isn’t clear whether the user, not the admin, can hide categories from the UI that they don’t use.

For example, a Discourse community I frequent has a category that houses subgroups for various languages. I have no need to see those forums, so I would like to hide the entire category from my Categories page.

Is that possible? Muting doesn’t seem to do it.

The user doesn’t control the ability to hide / see a Category, that is an admin function (under Security settings).

In certain circumstances it might work for a user to set the categories they DO want to see to ‘Watching’ then change your user Default Home Page to ‘New’ or ‘Unread’ as this would show only the topics in the chosen categories.

I’m not sure if this would work to exclude large swathes of a community however.

Are you able to suggest that the community owner makes the language categories opt-in? If the categories are visible only to members of particular groups and not ‘everyone’ then individual users can opt-in by joining the relevant groups.


I prefer to see the list of categories that I want to see, rather than a list of topics mixed from the various categories, so this wouldn’t be what I’m after.

Possibly, but that seems overly complicated compared to just letting users hide what they don’t want. I don’t know that they’ve even considered creating groups.

And it’s not just languages. The company has 10 or 12 products, each with its own forum category. I only need to see 3 or 4 of those categories, since I don’t use the other products. It would be nice to hide the forums I don’t need to see. Since every customer might have a different mix of products, handling that situation with groups would be impractical.


I’m replying to this topic because it was automatically bumped today. Users can now mute categories from the Categories section of their preferences page:

Users will not be notified of anything about new topics in their muted categories. Muted categories will not appear on a user’s categories or latest pages.