Make hidden users, groups and categories

Hey Guys,

Is it possible to make groups in discourse that only can access (and see) specefic categories.
And they cannot see the other user?

Yes - first you create the groups and make them visible to admins only, then when you create (or edit) a category you use the security settings so that only members of the relevant group have access to that content

make sense?


Yes :),

But let say you use Discourse for your company.
And you make three categories.

  • Company 1
  • Company 2
  • Tutorials (For both companies), but this one is only read only

Is it possible to hide the employees of both companies (except in the
categories of them)

Not sure what you mean - are you trying to stop someone seeing a list of members?

As I said, the membership list of a group can be hidden (to only admins, or +staff, or +members, or everyone), but if you are creating a category where any member can participate (Tutorials), then their details will show when they post any content - so what are you trying to achieve?

EDIT: saw your reference to ‘read only’ afterwards. In that case it still works as they are not posting. You cannot see a list of members who have access to a category.

However, word of warning, by default, the site will show a list of all ‘Users’ in the hamburger menu and so you will also need to hide this in the menu using CSS

But the users can still be revealed through the search function…

true (and autocomplete for usernames)

it would mainly work to find individuals, so no ‘list’ function though

However, it is unlikely to be a secure way of separating users from different companies if they REALLY must not be able to see the others

Even if they hidden?

How do you hide a user ?

Assuming to this you can hide Users, yes tutorials are read only @robmc