Private/Unlisted categories that can still surface public/unlisted topics?

I’m trying to build something like a CMS backend on my forum and want a place to put the CMS content where normal users wouldn’t be able to see it. Right now this means default muting a category and then unlisting all the topics (“pages”) inside of that category. I’m wondering — is there a better way to do this?

Ideally there could just be a private category where individual topics could be “promoted” to visible, though the category is still invisible. Is there a way to do this?

You can also use a combination of user groups and category security permissions to achieve what you want.

Or perhaps this TC is what you want?

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Looking inside that theme component gave me a bit of the answer I was looking for — mainly that muting a category won’t surface it to people who haven’t created topics in that category. So it doesn’t appear for people.

Trying to work with user groups though notably doesn’t work — the category being set as non-visible for anyone besides admins means that the topics themselves are also invisible. I surface some of the “CMS” stuff as pages on the site so those do need to be visible when accessed.

I guess I don’t understand what you are doing. invisible means they cannot see it. just stage the topics there then edit the topic post title category location to a visible category when you want to show it to users.

Oh — the point is that the post never leaves the “invisible” category. The invisible cateory would be something like “CMS” that isn’t meant to be directly seen by other people on the forum.

Also I changed the settings back on the category I was testing with an now normal users can still see the “Muted Categories” section all the all categories page despite not having made a post there.

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