Can we add @usernameofposter automatically when someone replies for a post

(ginger man) #1

I went through the list of posts for a topic. I lost the context until I go through each replies dropdown. Please see the below screenshot.

In the above conversation, @codinghorror has actually replied to riking. I actually cannot say immediately whom he has replied until I go through each reply dropdown for above posts.

My request here - can we add @mention automatically when we hit reply on a post. This help others to understand the context easily without going through individual replies. This is important especially in mobiles.

Edit1: I understand there is an img at the far right about who the reply points to. But it didnt help. May be shifting that to the far left helps.

Ellipsis in topic title not completely visible in Google Chrome
(Marcin Rataj) #2

I was curious how it would look like so I did two mockups:

A: moved current indicator to the first line of a reply:

B: the same, but replaced indicator with @name

(ginger man) #3

@lidel Awesome to see quick experiments from the community. This is a better way to showcase the solution. Personally I liked B as it will be shown in the compose box while typing a reply

(Marcin Rataj) #4

I agree: if we want to use @name it should be ‘hardcoded’ in preview pane, otherwise someone may want to explicitly start a reply with @name which will cause ugly duplicate (I’ve seen some people add @name in replies for clarity reasons).

I guess we also want to differentiate between causal mentions and direct replies, so perhaps we could combine A&B:

C: B + arrow from A

(Jeff Atwood) #5

You are free to override the css on your site to do this, but I don’t see us adopting this as a default.

(Jeff Atwood) #6