Can @mentions be inlcuded in Automation auto-replies?

This is an awesome plugin for Discourse to automate things.

I had a question in regards auto reply:

Defines a list of key/value groups, where the key is the searched term, and value the text of the reply. Note that value accepts %%KEY%% as a placeholder to be replaced by the value of key in the reply. Note that key will be evaluated as a regex, and special chars like . should be escaped if you actually mean a dot, eg: \.

Is already included, but can it also be added that the reply tags the @username.

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Is this available with this plugin?


The autoresponder replies to the specific post of the user, meaning they will get a reply notification, and it will also be recorded that the post replies to that specific post; just like this post shows that I replied to your post in particular:


Is there a particular reason you want to add an explicit @ mention to the user in the text, like @Festinger, in addition to all the above?