Can we change our user page so it renders consistently

When I click through to my user page I see:

I like my background, it is nice, and tells a story about a TV series that is important to me and is going to air fairly soon, but rendering wise this has 2 serious defects.

  1. When I visit a user profile we are not sure how much vertical space to take, so stuff jumps which is very offputting
  2. It is a huge waste of space

Personally I would much prefer if “backgrounds” did not leak up on top of my user information.

For me, this is perfectly good enough

It saves so much space that I don’t need to scroll anymore to see the summary, which is really what I care about, rendering would be way smoother and so on.

Should we change this?

cc @awesomerobot

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I prefer it the way it is, if you have fancy background, then not seeing it all through frosted glass kind of sucks.

Predicting the size should be possible though.

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I think there are overall structural improvements that could satisfy both the desire for personalization and prime space utilization (amongst other things!) — that’s a fairly longer road to take though.


I don’t know exactly how Facebook does it, but they load a user profile with the page already scrolled a bit, so you need to scroll back up to see the full background image, and have access to the most common info right away.