User Summary spacing issue

1st Bug: when visiting a user’s full profile, there is a massive gap of empty space above it between the user’s image and the header.

2nd bug: users with no background image - their profile picture sticks out of the user card and is seen overlapping text and properties behind it.

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I imagine this is due to a customization you’ve made or a theme component you use. I can’t repro here on Meta. Check to see it still happens after disabling themes at your site’s /safe-mode page.

This is one of those “feature-not-bug” things. It’s supposed to be a nice, modern looking style, but if you don’t like it you can adjust with CSS: .card-content, .card-content {
  margin-top: 50px;

Safe mode didn’t fix it, but I’m still looking into it. Website is

  • I removed all CSS, issue persists.
  • *If the user has no background image, the spacing is fixed. However, with users that have a background image, some of them have the spacing issue and some don’t…very peculiar.

I found this CSS with the div container: (I didn’t add this code)


I’ve fallen, I can’t find where and why this bizarre issue came from. With safe mode I disabled all plugins and themes and yet the issue persists. I removed the plugins I’ve installed since this issue started (I believe today or for a few days) - no luck. Sigh.

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Ah ha! I figured out how to reproduce it on meta. Thanks for trying everything first @nexo. If you need a quick and dirty “fix” this should help, but this will need to be fixed properly in core:

.user-main .about {
  overflow: hidden;

@awesomerobot here is the repro criteria I’ve determined at this point:

  • User profile background image is in place
  • There is no div.staff-counters element displayed (this is the key)

THANK YOU :pray: I appreciate you working with the issue, you’re awesome!


Just a heads up. The user profile has been reworked in core, so assuming you are up to date, you can go ahead and remove that CSS. If you keep it around, it will end up breaking the the mute/ignore pop-up on profiles.


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