Can we display custom fields in user directory list

Hey! I’m wondering if there is any way to display a custom field in the user directory.

While having statistics is nice to see how users at large are using the site, a user directory should also have an associated list of useful values associated with that user.

I would like some way to see at-a-glance a list of all custom fields (or chosen custom fields) when browsing through the user directory.


nobody ever followed up on this? This would be terrific!

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I’m particularly interested in having the user directory list items like group.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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If we could make this fields sortable even, this would be really, really awesome.


Did anyone in this topic ever figure this out? Would love to display the custom user fields on the user list page.


I have been looking around for such a solution as well. Has anyone figured this out?

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At the moment this would require a custom plugin cause the serializer would need amendments.

We have rough plans to allow serializers to be amended from themes and then we can potentially do this in a theme component. We will update here as it progresses.


Is there any (planned) progress regarding this feature ?

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We still have rough plans, but nothing concrete quite yet.