Can we export like record wrt to Users?

How can I export the data for users like wrt to a post or discussion? The information required will include user ID, post or topic id and the like.

What do you want? The user record for every user who has posted in a topic?

Yes, to review which user has liked which post or topic

This should be possible using something like:

-- [params]
-- topic_id :topic_id
-- int :post_number

SELECT pa.created_at::date,
FROM post_actions pa
JOIN posts p ON = pa.post_id
WHERE p.topic_id = :topic_id
  AND p.post_number = :post_number
  AND pa.post_action_type_id = 2
ORDER BY pa.created_at DESC

That one would be for an individual post, giving a list of users who liked it and when.

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