Can We get link for rest of bio on user cards

User’s biography on user card is limited on 3 line of text.
Can we get some kind of link and visual indicator that there is more lines and rest of info inside biography of users.
I know that you can click on avatar to go to user info end there is full bio.
But usually users do not know for that.
Users card is clicked for user info if I can’t figure from there that his bio is more then 3 lines I am not going to click on his avatar.

If bio contain more then 3 line can We get link at end [MORE] or [FULL BIO] .
There is […] but only if is 3th line full of text.

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I like your bio! Cute girls :slightly_smiling:

Not sure, can you mock up some UI here? Not a lot of room on the user card.

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Here is a very crude mockup. My photoshop skills leave much to be desired:

@adopilot, please let me know if this is what you were looking for.

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Or we can strip off one badge from profile card and put link there

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Yes, some link to the users full profile would be really great to have. I was hoping that I could do some quick fix via CSS but there seems to be no straight forward solution.

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Sorry, there is probably a proper name for what this display is referred to as, please do correct as appropriate. ( thanks for updating the title :wink: )

I was wondering whether it would be possible to enhance it slightly? Here is a screenshot of mine from our hosted solution;


This is visible when a user clicks on the profile icon of topic for a member of the community.

I have highlighted some text in this screenshot, this text is actually separated into a separate paragraph in the main profile view, but the user card ignores the spacing and scrunches it up. This makes the use of the composer when detailing your profile a little wasted.

I wondered whether it would be possible to not do that, and instead, insert a More… (or Read more…) link;


The link, if clicked, would behave like the second click on the profile icon, e.g. the user is taken to the main profile view where, for everyone other than the user themselves, the profile is expanded fully and thus the text would be readable.

In my case, /u/rob/activity

Any thoughts?


Why? You can simply click the user’s avatar, or name, to drill through and see their full profile.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t think it’s overly obvious to users that another click is required to get them to the full profile view, and the wording in a link like the one suggested, or similar, would perhaps provide some affordance.

I don’t know if there are any logs which would indicate usage, but my feeling is that viewing of a users full profile is under used, for want of a better phrase, and my feeling is that this is because some people will see the profile card and assume that’s it,not realising they can click through.

It would be my hope that being more obvious, people may read other users profiles more often and increase the “getting to know you” aspect of a community.

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Granted, a lot of times “my feeling” can be a subconscious awareness of a reality, but I think you might do better looking at actual data.

If you go to
Admin -> Dashboard -> All Reports -> User Profile Visits
do those numbers support your feeling?



Thanks for this, and sorry for the delay responding.

I didn’t realise there was a report for this - nice!

So, does this report indicate the number of full profile views, or, does it also include the number of profile card views?

We’re averaging 50 per day, if that includes the profile card view then that’s not very good. :frowning:

As best as I could determine the last time I looked into it, it’s a count of both viewing the members profile and viewing the members user card.

I think what would be needed for more granular statistics is a type of “profile_users” table similar to the topic_users table.

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Ah, if that’s the case then it probably doesn’t really help support my suggestion at this time, and yes, I would agree that more granularity on that report would help, but probably only for this very specific purpose.

Not sure if there’s a query that could maybe provide for the Data Explorer which could be just used for this etc.

If it turns out that most of our 50 a day are only card views then I would like to think that perhaps this supports the notion of having some other affordance on the card to encourage users to view the whole profile. The mouse point does obviously change to a hand when you move it over the persons name or profile image, but I kinda stumbled across that, as opposed to thinking that it would take me to more information. This wouldn’t obviously help on a mobile device as you don’t have the pointer.

I would agree that clicking the avatar a second time is not user friendly/discoverable at all, especially for non-tech geeks like us. I have a user base that has a lot of older people and this is not intuitive to them especially. Since launching my site I have had to answer the question of how to view the full profile numerous times. This is what I would propose:


That button seems like a pretty good idea and should be reasonably easy to add in a theme component. If someone were to do that, we’d likely use it.


Easiest change here is a simple more… hyperlink that takes you to the user page in cases when we truncate bios, I totally support that change.


Any hope this will be considered for core? It keeps coming up over and over again…

You could create a theme component to add something: