Can we have the shortest possible links for sharing?

sry for my bad english :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If I have grammatical errors, please point out or correct them, thank you!

in normal i use share button and i get this link:

i think it can be more shorter ,sometimes i dont want to Statistics invite,so i dont need “u” parameter

and i discover the link can working without “topic”

at the last the browser will auto completion the https

i think the share button can show the link like this,this link can work in my discourse. i want automanic to finish it.

But I didn’t find any specific settings for sharing links (probably due to translation?), If there is a setup for this feature, please tell me where it is. If there is no setup for this function, I hope it can be implemented If it can’t be realized in the design, please tell me the reason, thank you!


im waiting forsomeone tosolve it :upside_down_face:

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If you need the link that short, you can manually edit it – or write a plugin to force the links to be shorter.


If I shorten it to“ “What impact will that have on the visit?”

The best URL to use when shortening is a - for the slug:

This prevents the server from ever needing to consider whether 765432 could possibly be a topic title.