Shorter post url

Hello, is there any settings I can make to make my post urls shorter?

When I copy a post url from the browser, the url includes the title text of the post, which makes it very long. How can I make the url appear having just the number and the website part, without the post title part?

I know this is normally not doable. Many thanks for any suggestions.

Change the slug generation method site settings to none

You may find that the url looks like this format:{this-might-be-your-topic-title}/{topid_id}/{post_number}?xxxxxxx

In fact topic-title has no effect. So you can safely replace it with other non-empty strings. Query parameters can also be deleted safely, such as…{topid_id}/{post_number}

If your post_number is 1, then it can also be deleted…{topid_id}



I think we also have a theme component that could be helpful - Share Link Shortener


Curious meta-question: why there is topic title in the first place? Old historical reasons or (weak) SEO-trick? It doesn’t bother me at all because urls are visible quite rarely nowadays.