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:discourse2: Summary Share Link Shortener adds a checkbox in the share link modal that replaces the share link with a shorter version containing only the IDs of the topic and post.
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This theme component is especially useful when sharing Discourse links on platforms that limit the maximum number of characters in a message, like Twitter or Mastodon.

Screenshots & video

Short link off

Short link on

In action:


Name Description
remember preference Remember if the user prefers shorter links using their browser’s local storage.
Translation Defualt
short_link_label Short link

Development History

:information_source: This feature was requested here: Post Sharing - ability to convert the URL to the short version

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Check documentPerform check on document:

That is pretty sweet! Thanks for making this!


Thank you so much for making this very useful theme component <3


I noticed a slight issue. The checkbox creation prevents the link text input content from being selected by default, and unfortunately, I don’t know how to fix it…

That’s a minor issue though. :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t the shortened link also include slug placeholder like this:

I’m pretty sure there used to be issues when linking to the forum from external sites using the shortened link without the slug?


I’m not aware of these issues.

I remember seeing the formatting without any slug in a piece of official code yesterday or the day before… I don’t remember where but I thought “how, they use the syntax without the /-/ here” which seemed to be a clue that such URLs seem to be fine. :thinking:

If you happen to find a link about potential problems, that would be great :+1:

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Either I’m not understanding the issue, or it’s not happening anymore. :slight_smile:

Clicking opens the right topic seamlessly and allows you to go back to the previous URL.

No issue either with external links:


That link ia almost 2 years old now. I imagine that may have been fixed up since then.

If you look at the op statement it was more about a post number.

The top link has /1 where as the other just ends in / so no post number in the link

(Share Link Shortener) This link goes to post #1 in this topic.

(Share Link Shortener) This link has no post number.

You can add more customization to use external shortlink systems, for example I am currently using yourl source code to set-up a website that supports shortlink is

I loved so much what you did
but I needed to put an icon next to the date
to signal to users that they can click
How do I put an icon there?


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This suddenly stopped working on my site (to be honest I have no idea when, I don’t use it frequently) but just noticed now it’s not appearing on any of my themes though it’s still enabled on all of them. I know that provides no useful information lol, but any idea?

After upgrading to the latest version of Discourse, I confirm the component doesn’t work anymore.
I’d need to have a look at the recent Discourse commits.

It’s a very simple theme component, so if someone wants to have a look and do a PR, it’s also welcomed. :slight_smile:

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This seems like a useful component, so I’ve fixed it and added some updates here:



The theme component has been updated and is now official. :slight_smile:
There’s a new setting as well described in the first post.

I’ve been using Mastodon recently on an instance with limited character numbers, so that might be useful here indeed. :smile:


Shoud these two shares, topic and post, work similar way?

  1. Post link : yes, it does.

  2. Topic link… It triggers a JS error :scream: Thanks for thinking about that @Jagster :+1:

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Interesting, kind of. An error opens sharing of iOS instead. Well, not sharing-sharing actually, but this pop-up:

After trying again, it doesn’t trigger any error anymore.

I’m not sure what the issue was.

I don’t know anything about errors, but I get different view, and I don’t know if it should or should not be that way.

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