Can we login Discourse by

I find some website development login by
In new version Discourse, can we do it?
Thank you!

Probably, but you’d need to develop a plugin to do it.

The “with email” login option offers pretty much the same feature. You enter your email address and click the “with email” button and you can log in without a password.

Can we login by phone number and authentic by phone?

No. You can’t send email to a phone. Email access it required to validate accounts and send notifications.

If you want people to be able to create accounts without an email address, that will be very difficult (and then, only if you subscribe to the notion that “nothing is impossible”).

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I need phone because, i wanna true account, people real, not fake because email can be create easy, about phone or sim card is difficult :slight_smile: create account virtual :slight_smile:

You definitely are looking towards a very custom solution. I remember someone asking this earlier as well but the costs of upkeep are very high when you have to pay per message that you send to verify your users.