Can we make Forum on VS Code?

I want to make Forum, but it needs hosting and domain. So, first I want to try it on VS Code. Then, I will buy hosting and domain. So, can we make forum on VS Code, if yes then guide me.

I’m afraid that’s not entirely possible since vscode is an elaborate IDE/Editor. DIscourse needs much more than just a file editor to run. So no, it may not be possible to make a forum on VS code.

However, that being said, if you want to try it out locally, have you read this #howto by @osioke


Thanks @itsbhanusharma for your response. So, can I use Sublime for locally?
I have Windows 7

Please help me. :pensive: :worried:.

If you follow the topic I linked above and choose from one of the methods suggested there, You’ll know what you need in order to run discourse locally for development. I’m pretty sure I’ve been cleared enough that you can not use text editors to host discourse.


His point was you can’t use VSCode to ‘run’ Discourse. However, you can still use it to edit files, either for local development or even remote work.

In general you don’t ‘run’ web apps on text editors, they run as processes on the host OS.

You can set up and run Discourse entirely with just the terminal.

However, VSCode includes a terminal feature that allows you to interact with the OS however, so you can start and stop the Discourse server within VSCode.

You only really need something like VS Code when developing Themes, Theme Components, Plugins or preparing a PR to core.