Reactions menu displaying outside of post action undo window (mobile)

I made a thumbs up. Then 13 minutes later I came back and wanted to change it to a heart. Okay I got this far as you see. But I can’t change it to a heart. Okay let’s say there’s that 10-minute rule that you can’t change anything after that. Well in that case my point is then you shouldn’t show us the list of icons that we can change it into because we can’t use any of them.

In other words when I tap the thumb again, in order to change it into something else, then the best thing is I should get no response, and not be shown a list of choices, that I cannot use.

Even better would be, when I tap the thumb again, a message should pop up, explaining that I can’t change my choice because 10 minutes are up.

Why am I posting here on meta instead of on that local site? Because I’m talking about a problem that affects all sites that give such a choice.

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Oh yes, I can repro this on mobile (Android/Chrome). I don’t think it used to do that, so it may be a regression of some kind.

On desktop you get a :no_entry_sign: and a hover text of ‘You can no longer remove your reaction’.

Step-by-step: (on mobile)

  • Enable Reactions
  • Set post undo action window mins to 1 (optional)
  • React to a post and wait N minutes
  • Longpress on the Reaction icon
  • Reaction menu displays even though the ability to React or remove Reaction is not possible
  • Menu is unresponsive and no error is given

I could not find in history what could be a regression.

There is a check for the click in toggleFromButton:

But not for the touch:

I guess you could do the following not to open the reactions list:

  touchStart() {
    if (this.capabilities.touch) {
      if ( &&
      ) {
        return false;

By the way it’s good to tell the user he can’t remove his reaction but you might as well also mention the time limit otherwise the user can’t tell if it’s a day or a month or a minute or whatever. The only way for him to find out is trial and error!


I found the time limit for liking a very unusual default setting and was one of the first things I changed (to like/unlike freely at any time) fwiw