Can we start discourse after failed rebuild?

Rebuilding discourse is always a scary task for me. Today I wanted to add a plugin, and needed to rebuild discourse for that and it failed with a rubygem ratelimit error. Now whatever I do, I cant have a successful rebuild, and I need to make my forum live again as soon as possible. My question is, How can we start discourse after failed rebuild? I tried ./launcher start app but it didn’t help.

After a first failed rebuild . /launcher restart app should restore to the previous version

But it probably won’t work in your case, I would suggest to delete all plugins for now, test your app.yml in a yaml validator, and it should work after another rebuild

Yes. Interestingly, I should remove all my plugins to not hit rubygem ratelimit.

Do you have any Idea how not to be ratelimited ? I really need my plugins?

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Can you provide some more details about what kind of server setup it is?