Can you choose categories or latest view in your user preferences?

So I use Hospcotch forum, which is powered by discourse obviously.

But here’s the issue,
I will be in a topic, and I will go out of it, which then takes me to catagories, and not latest. So my HSF friend pointed something out.

“It’s kinda annoying that when you first come to the forum, you see the categories. Most people would skip the categories and go to Latest. It would be helpful if the “Latest” category would come automatically when you first enter the forum. Then “Categories” would be an option to click on; not vice verse like what the forum is now. It would save those small, but valuable moments of our time.”

Is it possible to switch it back to latest first anymore?


The homepage can be changed by the administrator of the forum, so you’d need to speak to the Hospcotch forum administrators.


@david thanks!!