Can you customize/override core text with a theme component?

I have a theme component which replaces components/google-search with a box that searches DuckDuckGo instead, simple enough. I can’t figure out how to make the theme component change/replace this text ( though:

Is this possible to do without just customizing the text manually in the admin panel?

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Hi @JonahAragon1 :wave: You can do this with text replacement


Hello :wave:

This component is override the google-search template which is this area. :arrow_down_small:

So it won’t change the text above this.

The component contains a locale file where the same text appears but this is for the input field area-label

The text you want to change is found here in core :arrow_down_small:

The easiest way to change this text is on the /admin/customize/site_texts/ page.


Well, I was just trying to make it so the manual text replacement isn’t necessary when you install the theme component, to save a step for anyone who installs it.

If that’s not easily possible, then it’s not the end of the world I guess. Thanks!