Can you download your data from your suspended account?

It is currently not possible to download your exported data from a profile that is permanently suspended from a forum. This would be useful to download data, but there is no way to log in to that account, since suspended users cannot login. This feature would be useful since people with suspended accounts can get their data.


Apparently, there’s no built-in way to do that.

As an admin, you won’t find this option in a suspended user’s profile, whether it’s public or admin view.
Impersonating it instantly logs you out.

Even by asking an admin via email, I don’t see how we could do that without unsuspend the account temporarily.

If I’m right, that seems to be a fair feature request.

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Can I re-categorize this into a feature request then?

Sure, feel free to recategorize it and rewrite the title/post so it fits better a feature request content-type :slight_smile:

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