Suspended Users show on user directory main page

After some back and forth here it turns out that accounts that are suspended will not appear when searched for in the user directory, but they still appear on the main user directory page unless they are also deactivated.

For example, I have suspended this user and no results for him will show if searched for. However, you can still see him listed:

Shouldn’t suspended users be completely scrubbed from the user directory?

BTW, I suspended this user yesterday and the once-a-day background job that updates the directory ran a couple hours ago.



Well to remove a user from directory completely the way to do that would be to delete the account.

If there are still posts of a suspended user on a forum then the reason for their suspension is visible on their public user card, so they do still need to be in the directory for that.

By the way that e-mail is still visible that should be redacted purple highlighter is not effective for that.

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We certainly want to retain all the post data associated with users, new and old. So deleting users is really the nuclear option.

I agree that the suspended users still need to exist and should retain profile data in relation to their posts. But that’s different than actively displaying them in the frontend user directory!

As I mentioned before, suspended users are already not searchable within the user directory, so it just seems strange that they would still be listed if they cannot also be searched for.

The suggestion here is merely that it would be nice to have the option to not display suspended users in the frontend user directory :slight_smile:


Why would it?

The public user directory could offer a filtered view which omits suspended users leaving the admin user list untouched. I think that’s all @kiefferr is asking for here.


Well it would depend on the situation, I guess I may have misunderstood the question.

This could make sense for suspended users to not show up in the front user directory, especially if there is no way to contact them if their account is suspended.

Right, and that’s a determination that could be made based on the specifics of the community in question.

In the example above the Discourse community is for current paying customers, where users accounts suspended when they are no longer subscribed. I can imagine having a user directory which doesn’t emphasize past customers would make a lot of sense.


That makes sense, if someone’s membership has expired then it wouldn’t make sense for them to be in the directory of current members.

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My sentiments exactly!