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Canned Replies are awesome! Posting this as a linked reply so it will not be deleted in one month.

It would be really handy to allow canned replies to be available by group (this means trust levels, etc).
Currently they are just made available to staff. :heart:


This feature exists. Search the site settings for canned replies groups. We use this on my forums to give our category specific mods access to our standard canned replies. :slight_smile:


And here’s a quick screenshot of all of them: :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, and the next version of the plug-in in which I’m working on will use a category as the base for storing the canned replies.

It will be possible for example to use sub-categories to organize groups of canned replies and use the category permissions to specify who can use then. You will be able to allow a certain group to use a set canned of canned Replies while other group use another set for example.

It will be much more flexible in this regard.


That’s good to know. Not so much for my own forums, but i’m also a moderator on the forums and they will definitely benefit from it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting that, I was going to edit my post when I got back to a device that can take screenshots. :slight_smile:



Would this also apply to groups without a category?

3 groups with 3 different selections of canned replies.

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It will be possible. It will work like this.

The canned replies will be stored inside a category. The first post of each topic in this category will be used as the templates.

Doing so, it will be possible to create sub-categories in this “template” category and adjust the view permissions in this sub-categories, everyone who can see the topics that are the canned replies templates will be able to use them.

So you could create three sub-categories, each one containing a set of canned replies, and each one visible to a particular group. Then each group would be able to use a different selection of canned replies as you asked.


Would the automatically generated “About” page be the first topic created on the category. Perhaps that doesn’t matter. Just popped into my mind.

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The “about the category …” topic is ignored.

Below is a video of it working:


And Discourse Templates is now live. :partying_face:

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