Cannot access backup of dev version


I have set up a dev version and imported a FluxBB forum into it. I made a backup of the dev version from within my admin account (seems straightforward) and now I understand I need to take that backup and import it into my production Discourse to get my FluxBB forum set up on Discourse.

When I go to download the backup inside my Discourse admin account, it says I will be e-mailed a link to download it.

(A) I am not receiving this e-mail even though I have run mailcatcher --http-ip and bundle exec sidekiq -q critical,4 -q default,2 -q low in the tutorials I am looking at. Am I missing a step?

(B) Even if I get an e-mail, I don’t know how the link would work. The dev Discourse is running on a VM and it not facing the web.

© Is there somewhere in the file structure of the dev instance where the backup should be made, since I have access to the entire file structure and apparently the backup exists as a tar.gz, shouldn’t I be able to just grab it from somewhere?



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The backup file will be in the disk, look for it under the public folder in the root directory of your dev folder.