Backup not working on development environment

Hi there,

I finally managed to import posts from bbpress! Hooray!

Unfortunately now I can’t create a backup file of the development instance to import into the production.

Prior to the import, I created a backup and that worked fine.

Since the import, I get this page with zero progress (been like this for over 30 mins now):

As always help is most appreciated!

Maybe your development server crashed? :man_shrugging: You should see log output in the console where you started the rails server. Anyway, I recommend using the command line for creating backups in your development environment. Execute script/discourse backup in your discourse directory.

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What Gerhard said!.

And you can restore from the command line too.

./launcher enter app
discourse enable_restore
discourse restore

The last command will print the available backup files (letting you know you really got it in the right place), then you can copy paste the one you want.

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Amazing, thank you both @gerhard @pfaffman Super easy when you know how, hey.

Last question and I’ll leave you alone: how do I disable emails on the destination forum? I don’t want to spam bomb 3000 people… I’ve deleted the SMTP details from app.yml yet somehow I’m still receiving system emails form the production discourse and want to be reeeeeeeally sure I’m not going to accidentally email everyone.

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Indeed, but it took me quite a while to figure out the command line backup in development. I’m thinking about a howto with such tricks.

When you restore it defaults to setting email to staff only. You’ll see a banner (it says all mail, but that’s not quite true).

That would be very useful to muppets like me :rofl:

EDIT: I was in the wrong directory. Doh.

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