Cannot Backup my Development Instance (Fails)


First time setting up Discourse here! I’m trying to backup my development instance of Discourse as I am ready to host it online, but when going in Admin>Backups>Backup, it says Backup Failed. Here’s my log: [2018-07-12 20:48:43] 'cryptoguard' has started the backup! [2018-07-12 20:48:4 -

What’s going wrong here? The instance is installed locally on my Macbook Pro and I want to make a backup to host it on some server.

Hmm it looks like this is related to

[2018-07-12 20:48:45] EXCEPTION: Failed to archive uploads.
tar: Option --warning=no-file-changed is not supported
  List:    tar -tf <archive-filename>
  Extract: tar -xf <archive-filename>
  Create:  tar -cf <archive-filename> [filenames...]
  Help:    tar --help

Can you try upgrading tar to at least 1.23?


What worked for me on a mac was installing gnu-tar with Homebrew and then adding it to my PATH in my .bash_profile.


Hmm @pfaffman can you confirm why this change was needed? It looks like we raised the bar on our tar version requirement a lot.

I’m on version 1.30 :confused:

That did the trick! Thanks a lot mate :pray:

Hmm. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

I can’t recall the details, but apparently I was having backups fail because something changed while the backup was happening. The only way that I can think of for files to change during a backup is for something to get moved to tombstone, or a file is being uploaded when tar starts?

I suspect that another solution (other than for luck during a backup) is to turn on read only during backup.

Having to install homebrew to make development work on the Mac does seem onerous. I have been using the gnu utilities for decades, so I didn’t think about them not being available on the Mac.

I guess the simple thing is to revert my change. Or we could test which version of tar is available.

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Installing Homebrew is a part of the Mac setup guide. If gnu-tar needs to be used for compressing backups, then we just need to update Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on macOS for Development.


Oh! Then it’s not so much to ask after all!

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