Cannot connect to discourse

I have tried multiple API keys and nothing is working. I am on the latest version of wordpess and the discourse plugin.

Hey there @pshorg,

I would recommend you try this

  1. Revoke any existing API keys you created for this purpose

  2. Create a new Global API key and assign it to an admin user:

    • User Level: User
    • User: Select an admin user (e.g. your user)
    • Check “Global Key (allows all actions)”
  3. Enter that key and the admin user’s username in the “Publishing Username” setting in WP Discourse.


Sorry for the delay. Still not working. I followed the steps exactly.

Hey @pshorg, please install this WP Plugin

Then refresh the page when viewing the WP Discourse Connection settings tab, and share what the Query Monitor plugin detects as the response from the attempt to connect to Discourse.

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Hi this is the Error i get,

cURL error 35: SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.

Are you using http instead of https on

  • your wordpress
  • your discourse; or
  • in the Discourse URL setting?
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