Cannot create new query in Data Explorer anymore

When I want to create a new query in Data Explorer it does not work anymore. The circle is circling forever and I see this in the developer console of my browser:

Uncaught Error: You must overwrite `createProperties()` before saving a record
    at n.createProperties (rest.js:63:1)
    at n._saveNew (rest.js:42:1)
    at (rest.js:66:1)
    at d.create (admin-plugins-explorer.js:247:1)
    at d._triggerAction (d-button.js:116:1)
    at (d-button.js:80:1)

I’m using Discourse 3.1.0.beta2 [7eb6223b04].

Is it similar to this one:

If so, you may just need to update. :+1:


Ah yes thank you! Indeed, an update did work. :slight_smile:


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