Cannot deactivate invite only feature in paid basic plan

hi, we just setup a new forum with paid Basic plan, but we cannot find in Setting->Login the option to disable invite only or even login required doesn’t show.

Any ideas why would this happen ?

By upgrading your subscription. Basic-plan is invite-only.

(Sorry, not my task to answer this, I know :wink: )


You’re more than welcome to answer these if you fancy Jagster. :slight_smile:

And you’re spot on. :+1: The Basic plan is invite only and login required. You’d need to upgrade to Standard (or higher) to access those settings.


I know, but because the answer is there I’ll jump to meta — I don’t like to answer when a question is company/paid service related, like this one. The most reliable answer comes always from staff and what I did was like pushing myself to area of CDCK. It is never good way to act when a random guy takes role of company, even behind it would be pure heart and clear mind :joy:

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thanks for the answer.

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